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Asphalt concrete or hot mix asphalt is made up of specified crushed rock and sand (Mineral Aggregates), asphalt liquid binder and cement or lime (Mineral Filler).  It is vital to the life of your pavement that the quality of the material and the workmanship is not compromised.  It is also important that the subbase has been installed properly, as this will give your new asphalt a great foundation to construct your pavement on.  Successful paving projects require preparation and attention to details, well before your pavement is installed. 

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When your asphalt has reached its life span or when the repairs to perform an overlay are not enough to save your pavement, it’s time to remove your asphalt and replace it with new. Once the asphalt has been removed, the subbase is inspected to ensure proper drainage and a strong foundation for the new asphalt to be placed on. This process may require excavating unsuitable materials and replacing them with a specified aggregate base course (ABC) or similar product, graded and rolled to optimum compaction. Addressing the grade is paramount to the life of your asphalt pavement. Now it’s time to install fresh asphalt. The thickness of the asphalt is usually installed anywhere from two to four inches in depth, depending on the type of traffic your property will encounter. Now that you have a new asphalt surface, make sure you give it the proper maintenance to last for decades.


Paving on Grade

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