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Surface Patching (Skin Patching) //

Asphalt surface patching is a short-term, economical pavement repair solution. There are many signs that indicate an asphalt surface should be patched. Some of the signs are pooled water, stained pavement, the loss of fines (raveling), and alligator cracking. The area to be treated shall be cleaned first. Once the area is cleaned, a bituminous tack coat is applied to bind the new asphalt to the existing. After the asphalt has been leveled, a steel wheel vibratory roller compacts the new asphalt. We recommend a sandy asphalt mixture to be utilized for surface patches.


Remove & Replace (Asphalt Patching) //

When localized areas in your pavement have visible alligator cracking, potholes, rutting or lateral displacement, we recommend the removal and replacement of the asphalt. The affected area should be permanently repaired by removing the failed material to a depth necessary to reach stable subgrade. The area removed should extend beyond the visibly damaged area to assure only the suitable materials remain. To facilitate the compaction of the new material, the cut out should be square or rectangular shaped. Before the asphalt is placed, a bituminous tack coat is placed on all vertical edges. If the excavated area exceeds four inches, the new material should be placed in two separate layers.


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